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The Theos website provides access to:

  • research reports which can be downloaded
  • comment pieces on contemporary issues
  • podcasts - the Sacred which explores how we can have better public conversations about the things we value, despite our differences, and Reading Our Times which explores the books and ideas that are shaping us today.
  • information on events.

"Theos conducts research, publishes reports, and holds debates, seminars and lectures on the relationship between religion, politics and society in the contemporary world. We are a Christian think tank based in the UK. We are part of The British and Foreign Bible Society... Our research programme is organised around three streams, which can succinctly be expressed as Living, Doing and Being.

Stream 1: Living Together: How do we build healthy societies in an age characterised by deep difference? This stream explores issues including liberalism, pluralism, economics, secularism, migration, ethics and identity. 

Stream 2: Doing Good: How do people motivated by their faith contribute to flourishing communities? This stream explores faith based social action.  

Stream 3: Being Human: Why do we think what we think, believe what we believe, and how do we change our minds? This stream explores tribalism, what religious conceptions of the human can contribute to our understanding of what it means to live well, the limits of rationality and the role of the imagination."

From the Theos website


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