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On 20th July a conference was held at St Mark's Church Broomhill entitled Good God! Sexuality and Gender Equality in the Church - Impossablity or Imperative?

The following workshops were available:

What is gender? Exploring what we mean by gender, gender identity, and how we live as Christians in a gendered world.

Relationship ethics Exploring a variety of issues including: What constitutes sexual ethics? Are all relationships equal? What relationships are appropriate in a changing context?

What does scripture say? Exploring several different ways of approaching scripture to find out what it ‘says’ about contemporary issues, then looking at particular passages in detail.

The politics of power Offering a deconstruction of how Church continues to oppress and a facilitated conversation on needed changes for liberation in ecclesial structures.

Equal Opportunities? Exploring ways are the experiences of women in the C of E, and LGBTI+ people similar, and where are there are significant differences? What are key (campaigning) issues at the moment?


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