Worship Words

Deepening Spirituality
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Worship Words provides free worship material which is:

  1. Inclusive:  avoiding gender-exclusive language and imagery for people and God, and other forms of exclusive language.
  2. Thoughtful:  attending to word-craft, selecting each word and phrase with purpose.  Avoiding cliché and unreflective usage of familiar phrases.
  3. Progressive:  respecting the breadth and depth of religious experience within Christianity and across other religious traditions and spiritual expressions; avoiding upholding Christian ideas and concepts as “The Only Way.”  Relevant words from other religions which benefit and enhance the faith journey and expression of Christians are included.
  4. Relevant:  Lectionary- or theme-based or responding to current events
  5. Faithful: presenting an authentic representation of the author’s faith
  6. Accessible: written in clear and comprehensible language; easy to copy and print for immediate use 
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