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Image of the gates and tower of St James's Church, Piccadilly

"St James’s is a parish church in London’s West End, part of the Church of England and the world wide Anglican Communion.

We seek to be an inclusive congregation, welcoming of both human experience and human diversity. We take the Bible seriously, and seek to understand it in the light of that same experience and diversity, and of what this age knows and Biblical writers did not, and could not, know.

We are widely representative of partnered and single people, straight, gay and transgendered, those who have a sure Christian faith and those who struggle with belief.  You'll find amongst us those who can be described as orthodox in their faith and affirmations, others who might be termed progressive. In short, we are pretty varied.

We believe that in the Gospel is to be found a radical welcome, a great and generous invitation to share in the banquet of God’s creation. And also a challenge, to this and all generations."

From the St James's Piccadilly website

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