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"What is contained in this website is not scholarly 1. but what might be termed ‘theological journalism’ aiming to increase in a small way the understanding of interested Christians about matters theological. The hope is that visitors will find the site a starting point for their own journeys, a means of stimulating their own thoughts.                          

As Don Cupitt says: “... truth in philosophy, religion and morality is public and easy to find. It is for everybody ... we must give up the idea that in these areas we should look up to any special and exalted Mouthpiece of Truth.”

The website was built by M H Maasdorp with the help of funds provided by the Society of the Sacred Mission, an Anglican religious order."

1. The Law of the Conservation of Difficulty suggests that obscurantism in any academic subject expands to fill the vacuum of its intrinsic simplicity (Richard Dawkins, A Devil's Chaplain, 2003, p.6).


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