Introductory Series on Science and Religion

Questioning Church
Belief and Unbelief
Being Church
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A series of 27 short presentations on the interplay of science and religion presented by Professor Alister McGrath Director of the Ian Ramsay Centre.

The Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion (IRC) conducts research into religious beliefs and theological concepts in relation to the sciences. Research into beliefs focuses on the application of scientific tools to religious phenomena, such as in the Cognitive Science of Religion (CSR). In addition to this series the IRC website features a range of other video presentations on aspects of the relation between science and religion.

  • 01 Science and Religion: Introducing the Field
  • 02 Science and Religion: A Personal Journey
  • 03 The Warfare of Science and Religion?
  • 04 Science and Faith: Different Maps of Reality
  • 05 What does it mean to explain something?
  • 06 How do we develop theories?
  • 07 How do we find the best explanation?
  • 08 Faith and Proof in Science
  • 09 Faith and Proof in Religion
  • 10 Scientism: Exploring the Limits of the Sciences
  • 11 Can God “explain” anything?
  • 12 Watching the Heavens: Copernicus and Kepler
  • 13 Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe
  • 14 Miracles and the Laws of Nature
  • 15 How does God act in the world?
  • 16 Darwin, Evolution, and God
  • 17 Albert Einstein on Science and Faith
  • 18 The Big Bang: Creation and Cosmology
  • 19 A Fine-Tuned Universe
  • 20 Models and Analogies in Science
  • 21 Models and Analogies in Religion
  • 22 Reductionism in Science and Religion
  • 23 Science, Religion, and the Meaning of Life
  • 24 Science, Religion, and Moral Values
  • 25 Natural Theology
  • 26 Mystery in Science and Religion
  • 27 Conclusion: Framing the Relation of Science and Religion


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