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Questioning Church
Belief and Unbelief
Deepening Spirituality
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Ian Wallis

Ian Wallis, a former Principal of the Yorkshire Ministry Course, Vicar of St Mark's and Chair of CRC, continues to teach and write in the areas of biblical studies and contemporary theology. In this paper he reflects on why thinking and speaking about God can be so challenging. He says:

"Many of us struggle with the word, ‘God’ – not least because it can be used in so many different ways, for good or ill.  We may also have grown up with an image of God that has become increasingly unbelievable in the light of experience and reflection. This brief pamphlet invites you to explore God in an unthreatening and thoughtful way. It doesn’t have the answers, but hopefully it will help you to gain a fuller appreciation of why it is that God raises so many questions."

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