Who we are

This website was originally developed by St Mark's Centre for Radical Christianity with funding from the Jim Cotter Trust, to provide theological, spiritual and liturgical resources from an open, liberal, progressive, questioning and radical approach to Christianity.

St Mark's CRC was established in 2003 and based at St Mark's Church Broomhill, Sheffield. Its purpose was to explore the meaning of the Christian faith in the 21st century and to offer a fresh vision of an open and inclusive church, unafraid to ask the big questions. In the autumn of 2019 however, changing circumstances meant that the decision was made to disband CRC. This website, CRCOnline, continues as its main legacy. It is managed by a Project Management Group which is overseen now by the PCC of St Mark's Church.

St Mark's CRC was committed to:

  • living with questions rather than finding answers
  • being rooted in Jesus of Nazareth
  • including and celebrating diversity in the community of Christ
  • engaging with issues using the discourses of the contemporary world.

CRCOnline promises to carry on exploring, commending and understanding the Christian faith and living in this spirit, engaging in critical yet creative dialogue between a living tradition reaching back to Jesus and the challenges and opportunities of our contemporary world, with the aim of helping people understand more what being followers of Jesus means today.