What's on CRCOnline

How can I look for material that interests me?

There are two main ways:

  • use the search facility in the usual way. Once you have entered your search term and got your results page, you will be able to filter your results by Category and/or Resource type.
  • or, navigate through the different Categories using the Find a resource facility.


What is contained in the different Cateogories?

There are three main categories each of which have a number of sub-categories.

  • Questioning Church - this section includes material that questions and reflects on the very nature of our belief and engagement with Christianity: How and what can we believe? How can we engage with the bible and notions of God/Jesus/Spirit? How can we be Church in our contemporary world and society?
  • Deepening Spirituality - this section includes more reflective pieces, liturgies, prayers, bible aids to refection and prayer, responses to major life events.
  • World of Diversity - this section reflects on our world more specifically, looking at contemporary issues from a liberal, radical perspective and bringing the insights of contemporary society to bear on traditional Christian doctrines and beliefs.


What are the different Resource types?

CRCOnline carries a range of materials which you can filter for when you use the Search function:

  • Articles - material included in full. This includes extended articles and reflections as well as prayers, liturgies and shorter reflection pieces.
  • Books and book reviews - information about published books including a brief description and information to help you find the book should you want to  ie author, publisher, ISBN. There will be a review for some books. Some books are shown as available to borrow from the CRC library held at St Mark's Church, Broomhill, Sheffield.
  • Documents - downloadable documents.
  • Links - links to websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts as appropriate.
  • Media - links to other kinds of resources eg YouTube content.


What kinds of resources are on the site?

The site includes a wide range of material written by many different contributors. The writing style will vary considerably depending on the writer and the kind of resource it is. So, while some materials are at an academic level, others are more reflective and informal. It is our intention to offer a diversity of complementary material, so hopefully you can find something that appeals and you find useful.


How can I tell you what I think about the material or offer suggestions?

There are two main ways you can contact us:

  • Use the Contact us facility to send an email to the Curator.
  • Use the Submit a resource facility to send us suggestions about material to include on the site. You can send us material you have written yourself (there is a pdf document to download that gives some guidelines) or other resources you would like to see included. It is very important that we can get the appropriate copyright permissions to reproduce material so please be as clear as you can about the source of the material. The editorial board will make the final decision about whether to include a resource or not.


How can I find out more about CRC and what it does?

Use the About us menu to find information about:

  • Who we are - origins and purpose of CRCOnline
  • Values and ethos - more in-depth information about the values and ethos behind its work
  • The Cotter Trust - information about Jim Cotter and the trust founded in his name which has funded the devleopment of CRCOnline.