Values and ethos

CRCOnline promotes an approach to Christian faith and living in which:

  • conventional approaches to Christianity are no longer satisfying
  • living with questions is more important than finding answers
  • believing in a God of miracles may seem beyond comprehension
  • faith is rooted in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, trying to understand who Jesus was rather than doctrines about him
  • examining the authority of Jesus’:
    • humanity, wisdom and vision
    • passion for justice and inclusive compassion
    • grounding of spirituality within the earthiness of existence
    • capacity for affirming life and engendering a fuller, profounder quality of human being in others
  • enables us to articulate why Jesus is still important for each of us
  • faith is more about searching for meaning than securing salvation
  • relating to Jesus is more persuasive than focusing on the Christ of the church
  • looking for a way of life is more important than a set of beliefs
  • including all within the community of Jesus is crucial
  • being open to and engaging with contemporary society, its challenges, its idioms, its multiple faiths, its way of being, is integral to discipleship
  • any forms of prejudice or discrimination have no place.