Prayer at Day's Dawning

Deepening Spirituality
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Jim Cotter

A revised book of prayers parallel in format to Prayer at Night's Approaching, which focuses on time of day and season of year, on body and earth, creation, pilgrimage and everyday life, with questions for meditation. Prayer at Day's Dawning is a companion to Prayer at Night's Approaching and a successor to Prayer in the Morning. Both books express a concern that the language of our prayer should be both true to, and a fresh unfolding of, our inheritance. They aim to be inclusive, and to honour a variety of imagery for God. This book provides material for prayer for each day of the week, together with some variations for special days and seasons. The author has written an accessible 'How to use' section which demystifies the office, a form of prayer traditionally used in religious communities, by explaining clearly both the sequence and the use of psalms, prayers for special days and seasons, and the use of the scriptures. This way into praying is not overwhelming and should appeal both to the professional looking for new language and to the uncertain newcomer - inside and outside traditional church bounds.

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